Art & Tech

As graduate students of the Master of Design in Inclusive Design program at OCAD University, we created a collective named “32 Pigeons.”

We were an art and technology-making collective made up of design, theatre, and visual art professionals who landed together in the MDes in Inclusive Design at OCADU. 32 Pigeons: Qi Chen, Jan Derbyshire, Ambrose Li and Angela Punshon.

We featured an installation called “Blind Reading” at two exhibitions: the OCAD Student Union Site-Specific and the Disrupting/Undoing Salon.

The theme of the installation was “Translation Objects.” It was about traits and conditions of art and access. To illustrate an interruption in what is perceived as normality in a world dominated by the common senses of sight, hearing and the English language.

The installation consisted of a motorized mechanism to move a window blind according to a preprogrammed schedule derived from an encoded message. There was a website that decoded the sequence of blind movements back to its original form or an English sentence.


showing a window with a blind that is controlled by a stepper motor and a computer
Site-Specific at 205 Richmond Street in Toronto (inside view)
image with status of demo, showing that blind is going up
Site-Specific (view from window from street view): featured a virtual experience where the visual descriptions and captions were central to a video-free “live broadcast.”

Disrupting/Undoing Salon

installation of blind animated by arduino board and stepper motor at OCAD University
Disrupting/Undoing Salon at 49 McCaul in Toronto (the Inclusive Design Institute [IDI]): The wooden frame and blind that were part of the Disrupting/Undoing Salon. The Blind Reading installation was modified from the original installation.
The message communicated through the blinds: "We are all in this together."
The message: “We are all in this together.”